lojong བློ་སྦྱོང་

A series of posts exploring reflections on lojong (བློ་སྦྱོང་), the Tibetan Buddhist practice of training the mind to reduce the suffering that arises from unhealthy mental habits. Introduction here.

The lojong aphorisms are divided into seven sections, called the “Seven Points of Lojong”. From The Great Path of Awakening by Jamgon Kongtrul and translated by Ken McLeod:

  1. The Groundwork: Instruction on What Supports Dharma
  2. The Actual Practice: Training in Bodhicitta
  3. The Transformation of Adversity into the Path of Awakening
  4. The Utilisation of the Practice in One’s Whole Life
  5. The Extent of Proficiency in Mind Training
  6. Commitments of Mind Training
  7. Guidelines for Mind Training

Point One: The Groundwork

Slogan 1: First, train in the preliminaries; The Four Reminders

  1. Maintain an awareness of the preciousness of human life. [link]
  2. Be aware of the reality that life ends; death comes for everyone; Impermanence. [link]
  3. Recall that whatever you do, whether virtuous or not, has a result; Karma.
  4. Contemplate that as long as you are too focused on self-importance and too caught up in thinking about how you are good or bad, you will experience suffering. Obsessing about getting what you want and avoiding what you don’t want does not result in happiness; Ego.