Kokoro 心 Heart is an experiment, always evolving. It is:

a sandbox for a form of narrative therapy I am developing — currently the main test subject is myself

a blog, where I write about books, music, life and culture through a lens that investigates what we can learn from these about our transpersonal nature ; I am trying to understand psychospiritual wellness and how our internal and cultural narratives either support or undermine our wellbeing

a place where I publish investigations into the root causes of suffering through a Buddhist lens — my series about the lojong བློ་སྦྱོང་reflects on the 59 slogans of that mind-training path

a place where I try to earn coffee money by recommending books and other things you can buy on Amazon

a portfolio site

a place for linking to things I like

This portfolio site (and infrequent blog) is an incomplete collection of the creative writing (fiction and non-fiction) I’ve produced and published over the years. I realised the other day that I am a re-emerging writer ~ I published a bunch of things in my 20s, then experienced something of a quarter-life crisis, went travelling for ages in search of answers to spiritual questions I still can’t articulate, and have only recently figured out how to stop travelling and start living in one place where I can focus on travelling the world of letters again. It’s exciting, daunting, humiliating and nerve-wracking to even entertain the idea I’m getting back into writing proper again, but there it is.

I also maintain annotated links division as a form of bookmarking – these are mostly tabs I couldn’t close, without at least making some kind of note about them, lest I forget they exist! I haven’t read everything here, so cannot vet them –- they are bookmarks of things I’d like to read, watch, etc. 

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