I have had the following short fiction published:

  • ‘The Whole-pint Silence’, Voiceworks
  • ‘Oysters Are Not Always Aphrodisiacs’, Voiceworks
  • ‘A Goitre-shaped Protuberance’, Voiceworks (also appeared in Allnighter, Cardigan Press)
  • ‘The Unimog on the Road through the Riverland’, Studio + Banksnotes + dB Magazine
  • ‘Cows Do Sleep Standing Up’, Studio
  • ‘Tending the Wounds of the Shrine’, Skive
  • ‘Legends 4, USA!’ in Shotgun: an anthology, Paroxysm Press
  • ‘Ignoramass’, Banksnotes
  • ‘Sitting in the Shade’, On Dit
  • ‘The second-hand body’, Banksnotes