I am pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative Writing) at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. It’s a riot! See some notes here about completing my first year. I’ve learned a lot of valuable stuff already ~ some new ideas, and also some ideas that confirm what I already suspected intuitively from the work I’ve done professionally as a writer and editor, but mostly from the quantity of reading I’ve done as a confirmed book worm.

I’m including here a link to the exegetical essay I wrote for a subject called Swords & Spaceships: Writing Genre. Hey, why not include the chapter!? It feels weird for me to do this, like it’s some kind of academic self-p(r)omo, but: I really enjoyed writing this exegesis; it received high grades; and if you’re into this sort of thing and you like what you read, let me know ~ you can’t do that if I don’t post it here.